My visit to Malayalam University, Tirur, Kerala.

My Visit to Malayalam University.

I visited Malayalam University on the 6th feb.20015, for the first time for a  seminar  to commemorate the Sree Narayana Guru’s  poems called “Thaivashathakam’’,  written as a prayer for the school which was started  to teach Sanskrit. This was held for a day. I was asked to read a paper focusing on non-Brahmin features of South Indian religions. Satyanath came from Delhi and he, as a recognized scholar on Indian Bhakti, gave a paper highlighting important pan-Indian elements of religions. Rajeevan, an important critic in Malayalam, gave the key-note lecture about the relevance of Narayana guru’s mysticism interpreting it as socially relevant aspect. The Vice Chancellor Jayakumar, an unassuming former bureaucrat of many years experience presided over  the inaugural session and mentioned the concept of “external god” of Narayana Guru, on which I started pondering

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