Do we have good account of literary criticism for Indian Language literatures ?

When I visited Tirur, near Calicut, to present my paper in a seminar , about which I have posted earlier, I met my former friend and Malayalam critic Rajeevan, who is well versed with western theories, discussed with  me about Deleuze and Guattari and  their book “ A Thousand Plateaus”. He gave me a new information that scholars from all over the world interested in furthering the study of  Deleuze and Guattari  are going to meet in a seminar in Mangalore, India. When I told him my recent interest in Slavoj Zizek he told me he was very skeptical of Slavoj Zizek, though my idea is to wait and study more of Zizek (this man has written too many books) and take a decision later in deciding whether he will be of use in formulating certain arguments necessary to tackle problems of Tamil related literary criticism. He is, to me, sometimes fascinating, none the less, may be because he brings together lots of disciplines and does so with élan. As for my understanding of using foreign philosophers and thinkers are concerned, I, of course, don’t have any leaning towards western philosophers just because they are western, but I always feel they can be of use to develop new vistas of thinking for new kind of creative writing which I have been practicing for so many years in Tamil, as well as new arguments of Indian language literary debates. I am open for every influence from all sides. Do we have any good account of   modern Indian literary criticism in Indian languages which does not quote Sanskrit books in a sterile way? Or do we have articles or books really focusing on modern literary criticism of Indian languages which are inspiring as Zizek or Rancier,(who collaborated with his teacher,Althussar in “Reading capital”-a book I summarized in one of my Tamil books)  another  philosopher I like. ? Even in Tamil the language in which I write we don’t have people who can summarize focusing on what is going on in the field of criticism. The history of Tamil literary criticism of last thirty years is yet to be written.

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