My visit to Malayalam University ( continued)

A New Genre of Micro-Novel Appears in Tamil.

When Dr.Sreenathan, an important linguist in Kerala, who worked with me for a few months in Dravidian University, introduced me to the audience of the seminar in Malayalam University that I have published 5 novels in Tamil, the literary intoxicated audience of that seminar (usually Kerala readers regard a novelist more important than a cricketer) looked at me, though I did not read anything literary there. My topic was on religion. When he introduced me as a novelist I wanted to look at me and introspect as a writer. ‘What kind of writer am I’ was perhaps the question that came to my mind? I am not the type who spins stories for hundreds or thousands of pages. My last novel,

MUSALPANI, published recently, was hardly of hundred pages and was called a   ‘micro- novel’ as no other label was palatable to the readers of that small book to identify the genre which was first of its kind in Tamil. It appeared in 2013, and the theme of which was a mixture of magical realist events, images and vignettes. This novel evoked a kind of literary backlash of a sort that two other micro- novels immediately followed suit within the next year: one by Natarajan, a former editor of a literary journal who by profession was a tailor in a village, and another by K.Muthukrishnan, an ex-employee,   joint secretary, of Tamilnadu Govt. Then, it should be stressed, that these two novels dealt with the theme from  a completely different  angle.

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